It was clear after the selection process that this team was special, the team bonded quickly and they worked well together during practice.

The mix of older and younger players in the team created a good mix of experience and young blood.

The team decided to call themselves the “Diamonds” because a diamond shines!

How true these words were, following in the footsteps of the “Wit Blitse” (white lightning) who beat the A-side 3 times in a row to win the tournament in 2019, the Diamonds beat the A-side again to win the tournament in 2020.

The large number of women teams in the B-section and limited time available, forced the organisers to create a single round competition which meant the teams would play 6 games and the team’s final position would determine the placing.

The road to the cup:

Game 1 – ESU B  – Northerns B win 18 – 1

Game 2 – ESU A – Northerns B win 15 – 4

Game 3 – JSA A – Northerns B win 21 – 1 

Game 4 – JSA B – Northerns win B 9 – 0

Game 5 – KZN – Northerns win B 9 – 3

Game 6 – Northerns A – Northerns B win 6 – 4

Northerns A lost game 5 against ESU A which meant that going into the final game, the Northerns B team just needed a draw to win the cup because ESU A and Northerns A were on 8 and could only get maximum 10 points.

Northerns A had to beat Northerns B with more than 11 runs because Northerns B had a better runs against rate.

The final game was a typical final between Northerns A & B, hard with neither side giving an inch.

Northerns A lead 4 – 3 and were looking to increase the lead in their last at bat, Johandi pitched 3 innings and the coaches decided to give her a rest and brought up Danielle to close out the game, she managed to get 2 outs and then the next batter hit a powerful hit between 1st and 2nd, Abygale on 1st base moved quickly to her right and took a great catch to finish the innings, no extra runs scored.

In the final at bat for Northerns B 1 runner scored to tie the game securing the win for Northerns B as they would have ended on 11 points and Northerns A on 9 points but the ladies were not finished, Jolla aka “shinsplints “hit a homerun and scored 2 RBI to take the score out to 6 – 4 !

Coach asked Megan to swing at everything to finish the game so they could start celebrating!

A great win for Northerns B beating the A side for the 2nd year in a row.

Congratulations to the team, coaches Gert & Loftus and manger Alice with all the support from the parents!

The final standings:

1st place – Northerns B

2nd place – ESU A

3rd place – Northerns A