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Podcast Transcript


Welcome Coaches!

My name is coach Riaan, I am a baseball and softball coach. I started playing softball in 1982 and after obtaining my provincial colours I moved to coaching.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone and also update you on the content of the Coach’s Show.

My aim is to use this platform to discuss and share everything around baseball and softball coaching. I realise that we will have different levels of coaches joining in and will cater for all levels.

Check out the episode label to see which level the podcast is aimed at.


The show will include the latest news from around the world related to coaching, discussions on coaching and training as well as drills, scoring and umpiring.

Under scoring and umpiring I mean the interaction with scorers and umpires as coaches.


The show will update every 2 weeks or as interesting relevant topics surface from baseball and softball in South Africa and around the world. The move from the MLB to check pitchers for illegal substances would definitely qualify!

Looking forward to share with you and hope to get some interesting discussions going.

If you want to send me content my email is

Until the next episode

God Bless, stay safe and keep on making a difference!

Cheers Coach Riaan

About The Author

Riaan Versfeld

Riaan started playing softball in 1982, played and coached softball at provincial level. He is the chairman of the Bulls Baseball and Softball Club, and serves on the TSSA Comittee. Riaan also coach baseball, current team is the Blazing Belles in the Gauteng Baseball League.