The Baseball’s players guide to hitting like a pro

Hi everyone,
I am Roy from the Netherlands. In recent years I spend my time playing and coaching.
With the intention of improving my game and that of others. For the past few months, I’ve been spending my time putting all the tips and tricks together in one book. it’s a story telling book with stories from the pro’s . how they got out of their hitting slump, or how they play the mental game.
this book is full of tips for the mental game for your kid!
I want to share that with you. I can give you the book for FREE, send me a PM and I’ll send it to you.
Just let me know what you think.
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Every good hitter is fighting a battle… Do you know what yours is and how to turn it to your advantage on the field?

3 out of every 4 appearances at the plate result in an out. You probably know this… so why are you doubting your skills?

Self-doubt is natural in any sport, but in baseball, it can be detrimental to getting out of a hitting slump — yet it affects so many players — pros and weekenders alike.

Former Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Marquis knew this only too well. “You’re out on the mound not trusting your stuff, waiting for the next bad thing to happen, instead of going out there and grabbing the bull by the horns,” he said.

And the same issue affects hitters: as soon as you start to doubt yourself, your approach is shaken, and you’re stuck in a cycle of misses.

You’re focusing on what you’re doing wrong rather than what you can do to improve your game — and that isn’t going to help you.

Perhaps you think you need to work on your mechanics. Perhaps you’re doubting your fitness or worrying that you should be training more.

But more likely than not, none of this is true.

What needs fixing is not your technique: it’s your attitude.

And it’s through attitude that the greats took their place in the league tables. Think of Ichiro Suzuki or Rod Carew, both noted for their unusual form… it’s not mechanics that make a great hitter: it’s what else is going on behind that swing.

To hit like a pro, you need to think like a pro — and that means mastering a specific mental attitude as well as your physical technique.

Sound like a lot to handle?

If you love the game, it’s not so hard — you just need some expert guidance… and you’re about to get it.

In The Baseball Player’s Guide to Hitting Like a Pro, you’ll find a clear guide to improving your hitting technique without focusing on mechanics alone. You’ll discover:

  • The 7 key elements needed to build a strong foundation for good hitting
  • Exactly what you can learn from MLB heroes like Pete Rose and Joe Morgan
  • Why bench-time may not be such a bad thing — and how you can use it to your advantage
  • How to look beyond the field to improve your attitude (and why you should)
  • The reason why it isn’t just top hitters you should be learning from — and who you should be looking at instead
  • Swing fundamentals broken down into key elements — so you know exactly what it is you should be working on
  • How to make technique changes that don’t ruin improvements you’ve already made to your swing
  • Why confidence is just as problematic as self-doubt — and what you can do to mitigate it if you’re on a streak
  • The power of ‘Situational Spirit’ — what it is, and how to harness its power
  • A clear path out of your slump so you can start ranking again

And much more.

If you’ve fallen into a slump and you’re doubting your skills as a hitter, don’t despair. Even the top players have been there… The difference is that they know a secret.

It won’t always be easy, but if you recognize that, you’re already halfway there: get ready to learn that secret, and watch your ranking improve — even when it feels like it never will.