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We honor those men and women who help the athletes live their dreams: the coaches!

We recognize our coaches:

1) to honor those who work so hard in the sport, and

2) to create dialog and recognition for all the good these individuals do on the field and in community.

We’re looking at active coaches, still in the dugouts and on the fields and legends from the past.

We’re also weighing overall resumes including on-field accomplishments (record, championships and top finishes, longevity, player development) as well as off-field impact (presence in the community, passion and contributions to the sport).

A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life!

We understand that a coach has an influence in a player’s game and life, good and bad.

Overall, how would you rate your coach's impact on your life?

How did he/she impact your life in:

Your Life

Presence in the community

Passion for sport

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About The Author

Riaan Versfeld

Riaan presents the Coach’s Show, talking about coaching and more!