I Love honey!!!

I consume about a liter of honey per week, drink it in my coffee, eat it on my breakfast cereal and take a bite or 2 ok maybe 3 no wait 4 spoons as well, told you I love honey ;-)

I came across this great initiative from beeing – https://beeing.it/en/


Safety is our priority.
The B-BOX has been designed and tested to ensure the simplest and safest coexistence of bees and humans. Our hives are created to be in accordance with current Italian regulations.*
The only point of entry and exit in the hive for bees is located 2.2 meters from the ground, so that all family members can observe, work and play around the hive in total safety.
But remember, bees are non-domesticated animals so we always suggest to get to know these beautiful animals before start your beekeeping adventure.
*For residents outside Italy: always remember to check your local beekeeping regulations!


Our honey harvesting system allows you to easily separate the environment where bees deposit honey from that in which they live in. It’s not required to wear protective clothing for the process of extracting honey. In addition, this process does not mistreat bees, since it avoids crushing them during the collection process.
The dimension of the B-BOX has been studied to allow you to extract only the excess honey, leaving enough for your bees! Always remember that honey is their nourishment and represents their stocks for cold periods.


At any time we can observe the bees through the transparent walls placed on the sides of our B-BOX, an absolute innovative compared to traditional hives. You can watch them work as they build the wax cells which in turn are filled with honey. All in complete safety!
Our B-BOX does not need a garden for its operation. In fact, it only requires one square meter of space, adapting to any environment! For example, you can place it on the terrace of your home, allowing even the little ones to get closer to this world!


B-BOX aims to respect terrestrial biodiversity. The size of this innovative hive has been specially designed to protect bees as much as possible. In fact, the bees do not run any risk of being damaged (or in the worst case killed) during the process.
Furthermore, with B-BOX you can make a contribution to the repopulation of bees in the city. In this way, you are doing your part to create a more sustainable city and safeguarding biodiversity in our community!